Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lock Down

I was studying for my finals this afternoon and I felt like I should check online at the news. Wow, was I surprised to see that Roseville had 2 elementary schools on lock down. I knew when I saw that headline one was Echo's school. I was a little freaked because I did not know what was going on. I tried to call Mick but he was not available. I went next door to see if it was on the news but they were busy too. We don't own a TV so that was the reason for going next door.
I called the school and they were a little less than informed so I finally called the district office but again not to informative. I finally continued to refresh the news page to be updated. Its been about 4 hours and I guess we will have to wait to get the real information because the 4 local stations had conflicting information.
I think there was a gun toting man across the street from the school who held a women hostage, he was captured soon after the police arrived but they could not find the women till several hours later barricaded in a room.
I am so grateful that Echo and her friends were safe and that the school reacted in they way they did. Many thanks to those who kept our kids safe.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ty's dream come true

Today Ty had a football game and his one goal since 2nd grade was to be able to run the ball but because of Ty's weight in pee wees he was never able to run the ball.
In Middle school Ty is on the heavy weight team and is still not able to run the ball but not because he too heavy but because he is not fast enough. Today was his dream come true. He caught a fumble and ran the ball for 7 yards before he was tackled. We are so excited for him and his dream was realized.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wahsington DC Temple

My trip to the temple was one I will never forget. I went out to DC with Mick on his business trip and decided to go out to the DC temple which happened to be 45 minutes on the metro train with a 20 minute bus ride. I'll first mention that I was very nervous and apprehensive about going out in a town I was very unfamiliar with. I left for the metro train which happened to be basically just outside our hotel door, very convenient. I had directions from the internet on my travel but when I arrived and got off the train the directions I had to transfer to the bus were wrong and right there and then I thought I had made a bad decision to go on the adventure in an unfamiliar place and I was almost in tears. I asked a few people where to go but with no avail I did not receive good directions and it took me about 20 minutes to finally find the bus I needed, during this time I told myself several times I should probably go back to the hotel.
I got onto the bus and again not really knowing where I was to stop I felt very nervous and scared.
This is when an angel came to reassure me and I felt the hand of God in my life again.The angel was the girl that was sitting behind me on the bus, just out of the blue she asked me if I was going to the Temple and I said YES. How would she have known I was not dressed to go to the Temple nor did I have temple clothes with me,
It was our loving Heavenly Father. She (Amanda) was very kind and helpful in getting me there and making me feel comfortable and calm.
The Temple was amazingly beautiful. When I arrived I felt a peace I had not felt just a couple hours prior to arriving. God's hand is in our lives when we need him, just at the time I needed it the peace came and it was through one of his servants. It does not to be a big grandiose experience to feel God's hand in your life its the little things that you can feel loved and watched over.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Camping in the rain, Again part 1

Our little family and some family friends joined us for our last camp out celebration of the summer, last weekend. It rained again but not the whole time. We headed out Thursday for our campsite and stayed 2 nights. On Saturday we went canoeing and headed home to get some needed rest. Camping is a funny activity, it takes much effort to get out there and you don't get any sleep at night so when all is said and done when you get back home and unpack you are more tired than when you started. We love our friends the Mitchell's with whom we went camping, we enjoyed our time with them as well as the Chaffin's who joined us late Friday evening.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Look at these awesome flowers Mick brought home for me yesterday.
They did not do the trick. I started school yesterday and boy am I CRABBY.
I know most of you think I'm like that all the time but, really I'm not.
Yesterday I had so much homework I was still doing it last night at 11:00pm. and first thing at 7:30 am. This is only for one class and I still have one more; sure glad I only took 2 classes this semester.
I hope things slow down or I get faster at math.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Double Date

Mick and I have not been on a date for a really long time due to the fact that the last year has been busy with grad school.
We finally got out on the town with some really good friends, our double date was one to remember. First, Mick and I love to find fun hole in the wall places, we found a fun upbeat trendy little spot in Minneapolis a few years ago, we happened to tell our friends about it and now a year later we finally made it with more adventure than our original plans. The original plan was to eat at Sonny's and have dinner and desert.
I mentioned to Mick a few hours before our time to go out that maybe we should go on a traveling dinner night. When our friends came over we gently let them down and told them of our changed plans and that we would take them to some of our favorite spots to eat various courses to our meal. First, we started at Que Viet best egg rolls in town. Second, El Taquito they have awesome tacos. Third,we needed some entertainment so we went to play ski ball and I kicked everyones butt. Fourth, we went to The Italian Pie Shop for pizza fries and last but not least we finally made it to Sonny's for gelato and pie( the turtle pie is to die for very rich and good). It was a great evening with good company. I hope to be able to go one a double date with the Mitchells again soon. We had a lot of laughs and good political conversation.